Multiple Domains on a Single Host

So the problem is simple. We’re developing one, or a number of sites on our development box. We would like to be able to hit them in our browser via their url names, rather than various permutations of ip number and folder structure.

I do my development on a Mac, so this solution is for OS X. The first step is to go into:


in a text editor, and assign the url to the loop-back address (you can just put it under all the other entries):

No that this is done, we next need to flush our dns cache using the following command in the terminal:

dscacheutil -flushcache

OK, now we can go to:

in our web browser, and it will bring up our local running instance of ghost.

This is a well known problem, and has a well known solution. The more of these solutions there are across the web, the greater the chance they will be found by any number of different key words.


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