Using Boost on OS X with Jetbrains’ AppCode

So, after a serious pain in the butt getting Boost installed using the homebrew keg, I decided to test things out using AppCode. Obviously, since this is a “3rd party library”, a little massaging has to be done to get the libraries and headers found, and it’s sufficiently obscure to deserve a post.

I will list the procedure using my rig. You can extrapolate from this to your own kit.

  1. Right-click on your project icon
  2. select, *”Project Settings…”*
  3. scroll down to the *”Search Paths”* heading
  4. About the third or so option down is *”Header Search Paths”*
  5. Open that, and select either or both your type of build (Debug/Release)
  6. double click to the right of it under the “value” column
    This will open up a window where you can add a path.
  7. Click the “+” and enter the path to the location of your copy of Boost’s Headers

    In my case:


  8. Just under this is the option, *”Library Search Paths”*.
  9. Follow the same procedure here, in this case entering the path to your copy of Boost’s library files.

    In my case:


  10. Take a minute to look over everything else in this dialog and make sure it’s to your liking.
  11. When you’re done, go back to your project view in AppCode, and again right-click your project icon.
  12. This time, scroll down to *”Add..”*
  13. and over to *”Frameworks and Libraries”*.
  14. In the dialog that comes up, look at the bottom and you’ll find a button titled, *”Other”*.
  15. After selecting this button, you’ll need to navigate to where your copy of Boost’s libraries are
  16. You need to -click each individual file, such that they’re all selected.
  17. Once they are, select the *”Choose”* button, and you’re golden.

With these things done, your project should now be able to find all the Boost Header’s and lib’s, and you should be able to successfully compile your project.


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