Kindle Previewer App Opening Then Immediately Closing on OS X

I recently really needed to make use of Amazon Kindle’s Previewer Application, and after downloading the most recent version from their site, attempted to use it. Every time I tried to open it, it would immediately close. It was driving me mad. Finally, I dug into it, and found that the solution has to do with Java applications built with older Mac Bundling Tools.

The short answer on this is to right-click the app, and select “Show Package Contents”. Next, open the MacOS folder, and then drag the “Launcher” file to your favorite TEXT editor (not word processor). On the line directly below the top line that says: “#!/bin/sh”, enter the following:

export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home

Then, save the file, and you should be able to make use of the Kindle Previewer.

A second way that might work, but I haven’t tested, would be to instead of the above, open the info.plist file in a TEXT editor. You will see a key named, <key>JVMVersion</key>.  Directly under that is:  <string>1.5+</string>.  Change the 1.5+ to 1.6

If after doing this, and saving the file, Kindle Previewer works, you’re done.  If not, you’ll need to do the top method.


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