Install current SBCL on OS X

You must have Command Line Tools installed. If you don’t, this tutorial is not for you. Google: installation of XCode and Command Line Tools.

Normally, I use brew to install things (when it offers a solution), but in this case the keg version was a couple minor version’s off. And, there had been sufficient addition’s that motivated me to want the current release. So, building from source was the path of least resistance.

First, what not to do:

The note’s caution about using OS X’s Terminal, as their script pukes a shit-ton of text during the build, and according to them, it can slow the build. I did not experience an issue with this, compared to other builds I’ve done in the past. BUT, they also say build can be accomplished with other LISP’s installed (you must have a lisp installed prior to building). OMFG, unless you want to wait a month of Sunday’s, my experience building with CLISP was slower than the Molasses In January.  Do yourself a favor if you don’t have an install of sbcl already  (likely from brew as it is a few minor version’s behind the current one at this time), install sbcl from brew FIRST!!!  Build went so much faster.

So, here’s what I recommend:

Install sbcl using brew.  If you don’t already have brew installed, why the frak not?  Install it. You can thank me later.

Ok, so you’ve installed sbcl using brew. Now, download the current version from sbcl’s website,  untar/unbzip it, and cd into the new directory. For illustrative purposes, in my case it’s /sbcl-1.2.5. Once inside, you can follow their prescribed method (you may need to sudo first):


It will pick-up the current install of sbcl and use it. Once it’s done, uninstall brew‘s version of sbcl:

brew uninstall sbcl

Now, (again, you may need to sudo first):


You should now have the current sbcl available in your path at:


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