Getting elm-mode to install in Emacs on OS X

I attempted to install elm-mode from MELPA, and was getting errors. At least as of this writing, it has to be old schooled. The following packages can be downloaded directly in Emacs:

dash, let-alist, s

The following packages need to be downloaded from github:

f, elm-mode

For the purposes of this article, I’m putting the two downloaded packages (from github) in ~/.emacs.d/lisp

The following lines need to be added to ~/.emacs, the third is for good measure:

( push "/users/.emacs.d/lisp/f.el-20160426.527" load-path )
( push "/users/.emacs.d/lisp/elm-mode-20160605.201" load-path )
( push "/users/.emacs.d/lisp" load-path )
(require 'elm-mode)

NOTE: I re-named the elm-mode folder

elm-mode I noticed looks for an older version of f. I went ahead and updated the requirement to the latest version of f

Now, M-x elm-mode should work for you. It does for me.


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