Playing with Golang and CSV Files

Golang is not only fun to code, but incredibly easy too. I like to think of the way it handles pointer’s as, “pointer’s Lite“. But, none of that for this post. I enjoy writing code in different languages. I wanted something quick that would just list the header titles in a CSV file. The meat […]

PHP 7 twist on an old problem: FizzBuzz

Two of the nice new features of PHP 7 is Type Declarations and Return Type Declarations, both coercive and strict. Obviously having typing is a benefit for both debugging and clearer code. Considering the “FizzBuzz”  [1]   problem, these new features can work to our advantage both in function inputs, and function outputs. Added to […]

Easily Deploy a Meteor Project without mup, mupx, etc.

Deploying a basic Meteor project is super simple, and does not require any special deployer like mup or mupx/meteor-up, etc. [1]. The following is a simple recipe to get things started off: On your deployment server, install the following: a) Node.js + NPM. You might need to mind the versions. Lately, I’m doing a lot […]

How to Screen Scrape: The Basics

Screen Scraping has become a more important activity as information on the web becomes more and more commoditized. I did a post on screen scraping with Ruby, but thought a more basic post showing the mechanics of creating a scrape might be useful to some. I’m going to use one of my favorite imperative scripting languages: […]

Developing an algorithm

Say we are building a robot. We just purchased a kit from Robots R Us, and find that there are 3 pegs upon which we are to affix some gears. Pretend that we have no common sense, or intuition about gears, so that all we have available to us is the math we learned in […]