Developing an algorithm

Say we are building a robot. We just purchased a kit from Robots R Us, and find that there are 3 pegs upon which we are to affix some gears. Pretend that we have no common sense, or intuition about gears, so that all we have available to us is the math we learned in […]

React Simplicity

This is just a quick intro to React to show how easy it is on a very basic level. React is often compared to Angular, but the two are very different: Angular is more of a framework, whereas React is more of a library. So, with React, we can make Components, and in so doing, […]

Meteor 1.4 on Cloud9: wrangling mongoDB

The folks at cloud9 decided not to directly support Meteor.js anymore, but I can understand the decision– Meteor is a synch to set up in a node.js environment anyway. I use C9 a LOT for work, so I’m just noting the basic, “hard way” of setting up the actual environment, and, more importantly– moving database […]

Getting elm-mode to install in Emacs on OS X

I attempted to install elm-mode from MELPA, and was getting errors. At least as of this writing, it has to be old schooled. The following packages can be downloaded directly in Emacs: dash, let-alist, s The following packages need to be downloaded from github: f, elm-mode For the purposes of this article, I’m putting the […]