Meteor 1.4 on Cloud9: wrangling mongoDB

The folks at cloud9 decided not to directly support Meteor.js anymore, but I can understand the decision– Meteor is a synch to set up in a node.js environment anyway. I use C9 a LOT for work, so I’m just noting the basic, “hard way” of setting up the actual environment, and, more importantly– moving database […]

Getting elm-mode to install in Emacs on OS X

I attempted to install elm-mode from MELPA, and was getting errors. At least as of this writing, it has to be old schooled. The following packages can be downloaded directly in Emacs: dash, let-alist, s The following packages need to be downloaded from github: f, elm-mode For the purposes of this article, I’m putting the […]

Using ReactiveArray with Meteor 1.3.x

This caught me, as I hadn’t used ReactiveArray’s for sometime, and found immediately that the way they used to work, no longer does in Meteor 1.3. So this is just a quick example of they they are used now. The package I’m using is installed as:  meteor add manuel:reactivearray Let’s add a couple ReactiveArray‘s to […]

Accessing one sibling template from another in Meteor

I ran into a situation where I wanted to inject some text into a div in one template, from a sibling template’s event helper. So, the set-up is this: We have a Session variable, “mySessionVar”. The main template is, “main.html”. Within it are three inclusion helpers for templates: “foo.html”, “bar.html”, and “baz.html”. From template (event […]